It is powered by a low consumption engine which keeps the dome pressurized constantly. The engine uses roughly the same about of energy as keeping a energy-efficient lightbulb running.

The tubes around the base of the dome are filled with water during installation. With a weight of around 100 kilos per lineal meter, the Dome is very stable to the ground and would be practically impossible to move.

With a Iconic Bubbles dome lots less dirt from outside gets into the water. Think of leaves, blossom, pollen, bird droppings, dust, etc. As a result, the water remains considerably cleaner and your filter or pump will not need to be running as often.

However, water quality must still be maintained by ensuring the proper pH and chlorine levels and by pumping the water regularly. These procedures are the same for all pools. For this purpose, products such as pH+, pH and chlorine powder and tablets are available from pool dealers, who can also advise on this matter.

No, unlike standard fixed swimming pool and garden enclosures, you do not need a building licence in place. The Iconic Bubbles domes can be easily installed and uninstalled in one hour and stored away and for this reason there is no need of a permit of any kind.

The Domes are very strong and can resist to winds up to 130km/h. Nevertheless, if the wind was to exceeds this speed, the engine would have to be switched off, allowing your dome to fold down and lay flat on the swimming pool like a standard swimming pool cover.

If there is a power cut, the engine will cut out and the dome will deflat within around 30 minutes and will fall down on the swimming pool like a normal swimming pool cover. Once power resumes, the dome will re-inflate as before, which will take around 7 minutes.

The Dome will heat naturally your swimming pool and increase its temperature by 10 degrees. It can be combined with a heating pump for perfect winter swimming!

During the day on the Costa del Sol, on average around 25 degrees celsius.

Thanks to the Domes constant circulating airflow, there is very little humidity or condensation inside the enclosure. The environment is warm and offers a very enjoyable micro-climate.

Included in the price is the Dome enclosure, the low consumption engine, delivery, 1st installation and a repair kit.

The repair Kit contains:

– 8 door stiffeners
– 4 bridges for closing the door
– 1 installation manual
– 1 piece of crystal
– 1 wrap piece in the same color as the dome tubes

The lifetime of the Iconic Bubbles Dome depends heavily on the maintenance and storage conditions. When the Iconic Bubbles Dome is cleaned once or twice a year and stored away, clean and dry, its average lifetime is 17 years and around 20 years for the engine.

The Dome is made of a 48/100 crystal film soldered through high frequency. The film can thus stand relatively rough handling and is highly sun-resistant.

The materials of the Iconic Bubbles Dome are Winter resistant and fire retardant. However, it is worth noting that if snow or freezing rain settles on the Iconic Bubbles dome, it may cause the tent to sag under the weight. If happening, just switch off the engine. But your pool water will remain clean, as the cover still protects against debris such as leaves, insects etc

The Iconic Bubbles dome itself comes with a three year full warranty. The engine comes with a two year full warranty.

The Iconic Bubbles Dome does helps to protect your skin from dangerous sun rays thanks to its film providing an UV protection filter. But of course it is always recommended that you also use a form of topical sun protection.

Yes, you can leave the Iconic Bubbles Dome outdoors throughout the year without any problem. Usually clients use it from October to June, store it away in the high of summer and put it back up in October.

You can clean the outside your Iconic Bubbles Dome using lukewarm water and a soft brush.

A cats claw could potentially make a hole in the crystal film of the tent Dome, but the likelihood of a claw tearing the fabric film is very small as it would be very difficult to climb for them. We have never had this happen to any of our Domes, but thanks to the kit repair, if the unlikely situation occurred that an animal did puncture the film, you would be able to repair it very easily.

1-2 people can easily set up the round Iconic Bubbles dome in about 1 hour. So that’s pretty fast. To achieve this, make sure to watch the installation completely when the technician comes to install your Dome. Afterwards you can use the installation manual as reference material.

Yes, the Iconic Bubbles Dome really works that well to keep the water temperature constant and clean from outside debris. In the period from October until June, the temperature in the Dome will rarely fall below 25 degrees. As a result, the water temperature will increase by 10 up to 12 degrees without any additional heating. The brighter the sun, the more quickly the water warms up to a higher temperature. In fact, the Iconic Bubbles Dome works very much like a greenhouse, and like a greenhouse, the inner temperature is usually much higher than the outside temperature.

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